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Like his uncle, Louis was particularly interested in precision horology specialising in making regulators, over chronometers as well as clocks and watches. The State paid him an annual pension of livres until the day of his death. His Parisian addresses were appropriately Place Dauphine by and rue Dauphine after Diamonds are used not only to decorate his Watches, but even Clocks.

Through his success, Jean-Baptiste Baillon amassed a huge fortune, valued at the time of his death, 8th April atlivres. His knowledge of mathematics and physics, together with his ability to impress the authorities with his capacities, enabled him in to obtain the office of "Horloger de la Marine Royale" Clockmaker toe the Royal Navywith an annual pension of livres, which ensured, with his other activities, An average income of 7, livres a year.

They include watches and clockes with equation of time, seconds watches, and superb astronomical longcase clocks fitted with compensated pendulums which he invented. Slot maria private factory in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which was managed from by Jean Jodin and continued until when Baillon closed it, was unique in the history of eighteenth century clockmaking.

From Berthoud was put in charge of designing all timepieces used on board the French royal fleet. It was received with great acclaim. At this time he made the acquaintance of Piere Le Roy, who, throughout his career, was his only rival. He left many documents on clockmaking, printed at State expense, in which his experiments and intentions are described in great detail.

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His father, an architect and magistrate of the Val de Travers, had at first destined him for an ecclesiastical career, but as at a very early age he showed interest in mechanical matters, he decided to have him taught clockmaking. Made first chronometersent for trial The sale included finished watches, totalling 31, livres and finished watch movements at 8, livres. His clocks and watches have rightly been described at the cutting edge of horological invention.

The renowned horologist, Ferdinand Berthoud was among many to be impressed by its scale and quality and in noted "His [Baillon's] house is the finest and richest Clock Shop. Pierre Louis Berthoud Pierre-Louis Berthoudknown as Louis was a very important clockmaker and an ingenious scientist.

After having learnt some English, during his second journey, inBerthoud obtained from Thomas Mudge, who, with Kendall and Matthews, belonged to the committee responsible for examining Harrison's watch number 4, which allowed him to enlarge his own researches.

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At the age of 14 Ferdinand was apprenticed to his brother Jean Henri. He has made some whose cases were small gold boxes, decorated with diamond flowers imitating nature…His house in Saint-Germain is a kind of factory. Although he was able to study clocks number 1, 2, and 3 Harrison refused to show him clock number 4.

Le roi du Portugal, enlui commande deux horloges avec carillons pour le palais de Mafra. It is thought that he worked for Julien Le Roy for some time, before settings up his own workshop in the rue du Harley, not far from the house in which the latter was still working.

Horloger de la marine The position was of considerable importance especially at a time when the race to find longitude and thus a means of measuring time accurately at sea was the social and political talk of Europe.


He was also responsible for the maintenance of clocks at Chateau Compiegne and the Trianons, Versailles. He was appointed as clockmaker to the Observatoire and to the Bureau de Longitude. He subsequently went to Paris, where it is thought he studied under the eminent clockmaker, Julien Le Roy He died on 20 Junein his property at Groslay, near Montmorency, leaving no children.

In he presented to the Academy of Science an equation watch with a perpetual calendar. Membre de l'Institute F. In he began a three year apprenticeship as a clockmaker under his brother, Jean-Henri. He gained a silver medal in the and produits de I'industrie exhibitions.

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He is recorded as working in the rue des Precheurs inquai de 1'Horloge du Palais circarue Mazarine inrue Saint-Saveur in and rue Saint-Denis in He was a great innovator whose most notable inventions included a bimetallic compensating balance and a detent escapement.

All the timepieces that he made show his great dexterity, and the exceptional quality of his execution. The precision instruments that he invented enabled Berthoud to perfect a rigorous experimental technique, adopted bu all his successors, and particularly by his nephew Pierre Louis Berthoud.

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The quest for accurate timekeeping owes much to his numerous inventions, innovations and writings. Even before he attained his mastership in he had begun to establish great repute. He can be criticised for having sought to appropriate the important discoveries concerning marine watches made by Pierre le Roy, his celebrated rival.

He was born in Plancemont, Switzerland, the son of an architect and judiciary. His importance was largely due to his business acumen and the way in which he organized a vast and thriving manufactory on an unprecedented scale.

From there he supplied the most illustrious clientele, not least the French and Spanish royal family, the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne as well as distinguished members of Court and the cream of Paris society.

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Pierre-Philippe Thomire, Claude Galle and others supplied very beautiful cases for his clocks. His name figures among those of great men engraved on the facade of the Palace of Industry. To give some idea of the extent of his enterprise the watch movements had reached and clock movements in number. However, it would be unfair to think that Ferdinand Berthoud's considerable quantity of work did not contribute to the progress of chronometry.

There were also 86 clocks, 20 clock movements, seven marquetry clock cases, one porcelain clock case and eight bronze cases of which seven had elephant figures totalling 14, livres.

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His clocks were also sold by the dealers Daguerre -and Lignereux and Juilliot. Baillon's father, Jean-Baptiste II d.

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His own collection of fine and decorative arts were auctioned on 16th Junewhile his remaining stock, which was valued at 55, livres, was put up for sale on 23rd February He is known to have worked with the ebenistes Lieutaud and Riesener as well as the bronziers Galle, Thomire and Remond. It is full of Workmen continually labouring for him…for he alone makes a large proportion of the Clocks and Watches [of Paris]".

When he was 19, he borrowed livres to go to Paris, where another brother, Jean-Jaques, a designer, was already established.

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Baillon was undoubtedly the most famous member of a long line of clockmakers and one of the most significant makers of the eighteenth century. Berthoud not only made numerous complex and quality pieces but also wrote over pages on the subject.

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