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Anyway, that's how Chuck Norris jokes are — exaggerated yet funny!

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It was also revealed that the album will receive an early release in Germany, being made available from 25 January Chuck Norris jokes are a kind of satirical and hyperbolic facts that talk about his masculinity, strength, toughness and virility. D20 roulette Fostering the integrity of gaming in California.

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Chuck Norris pees in a can and sells it as Red Bull God wanted to create the world in 10 days, Chuck Norris gave him 6. Today, most people who use the internet know about Chuck Norris memes and jokes.

Jawbreakers were originally in the shape of Chuck Norris' fist. European Deluxe Deluxe Statistics.

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Chuck Norris is so strong when he does push-ups he doesn't push up the whole world goes down. S selection of more than 3, spirits. He was bitten by a radioactive god. Chuck Norris can strum a clarinet.

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Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil to get his strength Chuck Norris' blood pressure is roulette de luxe noris in volts per kilogram. Many notable human fatalities have resulted from aviation accidents and incidents.

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