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Roulette table stick. Top 10 Reasons NOT to Barbell Squat | The Dream Lounge

TV is proof enough for me.

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Sounds like a reasonable exercise. I will definitely squat more after reading your blog: Not a very open like hydraulic like pressure to the body.

The barbell squat, along with the deadlift, is probably one the most effective exercises that can be used. It is a very closed hydraulic like pressure to the body-the straight bar. Am I to infer that running up and down a basketball court makes these men tall?

Extremes are never OK but within reason squats are perfectly safe.

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And more importantly, I have never seen blood pouring from the nose from a backlift myself. We were evolved carrying objects since Caveman Days but of lesser oblong objects than putting a index finger and thumb exactly around the circumference of the straight bar around the whole length of it. You look dyel anyhow and any bodybuilder will tell you squats are an essential lift. About the 13 second mark, he injures himself and threw his back out Deadlifting.

Yet, when I look for studies, I notice things like: Maybe you are illiterate, as I never said I am against squats. Joanne Squat queen July 7, at 5: Reply Amanda Adams July 23, at Nope, because the body and the structures are strong enough.

Most NBA basketball players have a height I would gladly take as my own. I will pay someone a dollars if someone can either find someone whom during a backlift have blood pouring out of his nose during a heavy lift or interviewed someone that this has happened to. Reply Dr j Keating March 23, at 6: I rarely get injured nowadays from sports, although I play hockey leagueand recreational rugby and football.

Biggest mistake beginners make, like you, is not working your core which will increase your lifts overall.

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Exercise should be natural not a constant interrogation of your mind always asking your body to pay attention to form. I am not gonna have any tact about this. If they are I would love to see the links to credible sites and sources backing you up. I can put my index finger around the bar with my thumb. Most people who DO have a strong foundation of knowledge in this subject disagree with you.

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This transition will save a lot of injuries. This is a special type of trolling. Reply jared February 6, at 2: You can YouTube all kinds of people backlifting or even ask the likes of athletes who practiced this lift in their strongman career like Gregg Ernst, Steve Justa, Kevin Fast or Steve Schmidt. I am glad people like Josh reply to people like you, and I know all I will get in response is a mildly offensive post where you try to tear the answer apart but rather cement the argument against you and your lack of education and intelligence.

Yes there are other exercises which could be done, but not compound motions including the entire group of muscles meaning it will be difficult to train them all to the correct proportions separately. Did I do hip belt squats? Roulette table stick mark April 8, at 3: You are highly derogatory and clearly have not spent a lot of time in the gym if you believe this to be the case in regards to the people who perform barbell squats, or if you have you clearly have not spoken to any of them to glean in anyway what they are like and their intelligence.

However, it is unsettling to think an unqualified, uneducated drop out is misinforming the masses. This is a bullshit discussion Mark.

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Reply Tyler August 1, at 4: My knees, shoulders, and back are very healthy. Obviously your not the brightest person so ill explain it to you that the guy in the Youtube video Reason 10 is making roulette table stick of douche bags like you who think they know sarah potter casino about the gym and human body when your degree is from UCF in interdisciplinary studies, with a minor in entrepreneurship.

I can name many famous trainwrecks that happened with either exercise. The activity of heavy barbell squats attracts a certain genetic lot, because said lot excels at the activity by default of birth. I was tiny prior to taking weight lifting serious, and I achieved bigger legs. Kani April 27, at 7: I guess each reader has to decide if they want to believe every sports medicine university study and fitness experts like ripptoe or this author stating random opinions.

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Not one case you will find. Any exercise that you see blood pouring out of the nose, back injuries, blown out knees even in a squat rack is a disaster exercise.

He wants a fight. Anthony Dream Johnson April 15, at 1: Squats are hard, nobody likes to do work. I live off of squats when it comes to building legs and guess what? And what does this have to do with anything? You should read an anatomy and physiology book before you open your uneducated mouth.

Then the side effects are herniated disks, fusion of vertebrae of the lower back like Ronnie Coleman has had recently from barbell squatting or replaced hips like Ed Coan. Forget all other exercises… the most useful exercise to train is heavy squats, for a multitude of reasons: Anthony Dream Johnson February 21, at 3: Even a monkey could have told you that. Reply MikeHunt84 June 7, at 4: You dismiss it as an attack because if you educated yourself, you would find you were wrong.

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See that is a personal attack And I hope that the other reads read your statements and laugh as well. Our anatomy is not designed to lift very odd oblong objects like a straight bar. Were you trying to say that hip belt squats are supreme and that I should forget an entire exercise?

Just let him believe what he likes.

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Reply Mike April 18, at 7: Promotes a strong core, and works out your abs, back, legs and glutes… this is an amazing exercise if you KNOW how to DO it properly. Do you think Caveman in their evolution of movement paid close attention to form? Why-the backlift is a more open hydraulic pressure to the body than any straight bar exercise.

What could have I done in those 3 years to make my progress better? Then you work your way up and your body becomes strong enough to handle the weights. Joanne June 26, at 9: No,Its called a bad pressure point exercise on the body.

Form Form Form Rippetoe will say. Trust me on this one. Now your last point was by far the most idiotic.

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Reply jj February 6, at Your focus on my academic history is bizarre to hear though. Do squats, squat heavy, feel amazing.

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