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Santander mortgage gambling, need a mortgage? new rules mean you'll have to ditch all those little extras | money | the guardian

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Others will lose out. Share via Email This article is over 4 years old A bad step to take: I had a client who ran up over 20 credit checks via one site and was unaware that he had done so.

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You will need to show the lender you are financially healthy and can afford the repayments. Share via Email Want to be sure of getting a mortgage?

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We used all the same assumptions as in the example above, except based on two people instead of one. If high street banks and building societies do end up struggling to cope, and the fears of long waits for an appointment and lengthy interrogations from overly cautious branch staff become a reality, this could be good news for brokers.

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He phoned me up and I had to come clean. I wish I had someone I could hand my finances over to so do it if you can. Dyason says banks believe regular use of payday loans suggests you are stretched or unable to manage your finances: Our findings suggest that couples, where both adults are earning and who have no children, are big winners.

Jonathan Harris, director of mortgage broker Anderson Harrissays that under the old rules the borrower declared their outgoings and the lender took a cursory look at their bank statements typically you need to provide your last three months' worth. Excessive outgoings, or regularly going overdrawn, will also hamper your mortgage ambitions.

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Anyway a couple of days later the bank manager had taken a look and noticed the transactions. If you don't go for the mortgage now I'd suggest cutting up all your cards. The rate that will be used for its Roulette raddoppio colore Springboard deal and Help to Buy mortgage guarantee applications is higher at 7.

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It has indicated it wants them to take into account market expectations of Bank of England base rate movements during the first five years of the loan. Last week a report in trade publication Mortgage Strategy stated that a manager at "one of the UK's biggest lenders" had claimed customers could expect waiting times of up to a month for an appointment with an in-branch mortgage adviser, and that these face-to-face meetings could take between three and three-and-a-half hours from 26 April.

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Some applicants with young children may find they can borrow a lot less than they expected. I had multiple bank accounts most of which looked ok as I had cut up the cards so there were only direct debits and standing orders on the statements.

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Crunching the affordability figures Guardian Money did its own detailed research using an affordability calculator that mortgage brokers can use to find out how much Santander will lend their potential clients.

Home loan experts are advising would-be borrowers to pay off debts and cut right back on their spending for at least three months before applying for a mortgage.

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Need a mortgage? New rules mean you'll have to ditch all those little extras