Schecter Diamond Series C-1

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Regarding rhythm playing, I found that it performed power chord filled and heavy riffing styles very well. Mahogany body with binding strings through the body.

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This article was written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Schecter blackjack avis. Ergonomics is for many, the body is quite heavy and balance is not terrible.

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The weight balance is correct is played up not break me no problem. USE As I said above the handle is standard with a fairly spciale grip. I play on an amp with a simulation Berhinger 2x60W amp Line6 home, and just in rp simulation directly into the PA system.

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The heavy wood allows you to take big chunks out without sacrificing tone. Unfortunately there were a few minor aesthetic issues, which are sometimes overlooked. The Seymour Duncan Full Shred was expertly chosen for this guitar. The guitar is definitely intended for metal. The Blackouts, mixed with the Ebony Board and Swamp Ash body, make for really heavy tones without sacrificing clarity and attack in the low end.

The highlight of this guitar is how comfortable it is to play! The report qualitprix trs is good: The access to the treble is very convenient when sitting but that ds is standing has become hard. The sound is not nearly as good as with a les paul despite the Seymour Duncan, but this guitar is very versatile in its range and very interesting.

There was a finish imperfection that I found on the back of the guitar near the upper horn, as well as some overspray on the binding near the headstock. I love the look that sounds spot on with the playing style to adopt is a guitar rocker!

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Also thanks to the compound radius, the lower-end has a bit more chunkiness to the neck so you can really dig into some rhythm playing. ArticlesReviewsSchecter Guitar ReviewsUncategorized In the past couple of years, Schecter has really stepped up their game and started offering really amazing guitars.

The guitar played really well, and the bridge and neck were quite comfortable to play. Coming in at around 7lbs, this guitar is quite light for being made of mahogany. Before even plugging it in, I enjoyed the loud, deep sounds I could get out of it.

Schecter Diamond Series C-1

These active pickups have a very high output and are intended for the angriest of metal tones. These tried-and-true tonewoods deliver a balanced, warm sound with a low-mid focus.

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I changed the strings by putting a shooting, but I've never had the desire comfort. The pickup attack is very quick and powerful as well. Sound level, without all spliter is rather bold and often makes me think of the "grain" of Sheraton 2, by cutting two microphones, one finds a bit of a grain of tlcaster just because an "tlquot; is innimitable!

The result is nice but remains close to its price!! Similar to the Damien Platinum that we reviewed a while backthe Blackjack SLS comes with a mahogany body, maple neck, and maple top.

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The remaining possibilities sembl difficult to use me. I have since changed to a triple with baffle mesa I think would have a more bocou prcis.

The mahogany body is also great to use when routing for a Floyd Rose. Just check out our Free Guitar Enhancement Package to see more about that! Read more about that in our Ultimate Guide to Tonewoods.

It looked like the finish might have been rushed around that part of the guitar. Luckily for you, if you want this guitar and order it through our shop, we carefully examine each guitar before sending it out. It definitely succeeds playing many genres — rock, 80s shred, crunchy blues, as well as progressive metal and metalcore.

I like the sound a little crunchies, the Angus Young, but also typical gibson sounds more pop the pixies or Placebo. Did you find this review helpful? In all seriousness though, the pickup was definitely built for the modern shredder in mind. I really like the distortion in the bridge pickup, clear sound with the neck pickup split or splits with both pickups.

If it were my guitar I would probably upgrade those pretty much immediately and have a really solid guitar.

Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1 FR Review