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He learns that the killer's name is Kevin and escapes. Dwight takes the bodies to a sin city casino review pitwhere he is attacked by an ex- IRA mercenary hired by mob boss Wallenquist. Marv interrogates several informants, working up to a corrupt priest, who reveals that the Roark family was behind the murder.

Marv is then executed. Marv goes to Old Town, Sin City's prostitute-run red-light districtto learn more about Goldie and is captured by her twin sister, Wendythe attacker Marv previously dismissed as a hallucination.

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He confronts Cardinal Roark, who confesses his part in the murders. The mercenary flees to the sewer with Jackie Boy's severed head but Dwight and Miho retrieve it and return to Old Town. Lucille is killed by the leader of a squad of corrupt cops. Hiding in the trunk of Hartigan's car, the deformed man returns, revealing himself as Roark Junior, disfigured by years of surgery to regenerate his body parts.

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After eight years, the letters stop and he receives a severed finger instead. Becky, threatened with the death of her mother by the mob, betrays the prostitutes.

Hartigan catches up and shoots off Junior's ear, hand and genitals.

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Dwight follows and sees them harass Becky, a young prostitute. Marv is taken to a hospital where cops threaten to kill his mother, to get him to confess to killing Roark, Kevin and their victims. Marv kills the cardinal but is then shot and captured by his guards.

She tells Marv that the killer is a cannibal and that Goldie was a prostitute.

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If the cops learn how he died, their truce with the prostitutes would end and the mob would be free to wage war on Old Town. He receives a weekly letter from Nancy, as promised. He flees the frame-up as the police arrive, vowing to avenge her death. Hartigan confesses to all charges leading to his parole and searches for an adult Nancy, not knowing he is being followed by a deformed, yellow man.

He offers her a cigarette, calling her by name, and she abruptly ends the call with her mother. Her boyfriend Dwight violently warns him to leave Shellie alone.

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Hartigan follows and fakes a heart attackgiving him a chance to kill Junior by emasculating him and beating him to death. Kevin was the cardinal's ward; the two men ate the prostitutes to "consume their souls". Marv goes to the Roark family farm and is subdued by the silent stalker who killed Goldie.

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Manute prepares the mob's invasion of Old Town. As the sirens approach, Bob leaves and Nancy lies down in Hartigan's lap. His parole officerLucille, warns him to give up on this mission, believing Marv may have imagined it all due to his "condition". Bob, now recovered, shoots Hartigan in the back.

Knowing that Senator Roark will never stop hunting them, Hartigan commits suicide to ensure Nancy's safety. Junior is the son of Senator Roarkwho has bribed the police to cover up his son's crimes.

The two share a kiss and he shoots her; she dies in his arms. Marv kills the priest but is then attacked by a woman who looks like Goldie, which he dismisses as a hallucination.

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Hartigan goes to jail, though he refuses to confess. He offers her a cigarette and says that she looks like someone who is tired of running and that he will save her. Hartigan, experiencing pain from a bad heartheads into the warehouse where Roark Junior and several henchmen are holding Nancy.

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Jackie Boy and his cronies flee to Old Town. He says he will never know what she was running from but that he will cash her check in the morning, implying she had paid him to kill her.

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