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It is not slot canyons in arizona to visit the Canyon independently.

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Lower Antelope Canyon was closed for 9 months before reopening with improved safety features, and now all visitors must now be accompanied by a guide. Sculpted walls Map TopoQuest topographic map of Upper Antelope Canyon ; the short upper narrows are southwest of point T, while the lower narrows begin just north of AZ The lone survivor of the flood was tour guide Francisco "Pancho" Quintana, who had prior swift-water training.

Summer months provide two types of lighting.

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Specific photographer-only tours are available for booking around midday, when the beam of light is at its peak. Second, beams or shafts of direct sunlight radiating down from openings at the top of the canyon are much more common in Upper than in Lower.

Rain does not have to fall on or near the Antelope Canyon slots for flash floods to whip through, as rain falling dozens of miles away upstream of the canyons can funnel into them with little prior notice.

Treacherous Arizona Slot Canyon Passage

Additionally, visitors should be aware of sand which consistently falls from the above crack as it can make the stairs particularly slippery. Today, ladder systems have been bolted in place, and deployable cargo nets are installed at the top of the canyon.

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Once inside, the temperature drops as much as 20 degrees as the visitor enters one of the most beautiful of all natural formations. Subtle colors When approaching upper Antelope Canyon, there is no obvious clue as to its location.

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Lower Antelope Canyon The lower canyon is longer and deeper than the upper section, but also slightly more challenging, requiring climbing down ladders in some places to descend several sheer drops. Five flights of stairs of varying step widths are currently available to aid in descent and ascent.

Tours and Packages

It is the most frequently visited by tourists for two reasons. Lighting is better in the early hours and late morning. Both parts of the canyon are still beautiful, but any sense of adventure or tranquility is long since gone - best to try one of the hundreds of other Southwest slot canyons for these qualities.

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Beams occur most often in the summer months, as they require the sun to be high in the sky. All visits are through one of several licensed tour operators.

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Flash flood danger[ edit ] Inside Lower Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon is visited exclusively through guided tours, in part because rains during monsoon season can quickly flood the canyon. It was here that 11 people were drowned in a flash flood in Augustwhen water 50 feet deep from a thunderstorm 5 miles away swept through the canyon, eventually deepening it by 4 feet.

It may take only 3 or 4 minutes to walk through, but the canyon is well worth the arduous trek or expensive journey required to get there.

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