Slot Die Coating: How to Get Ridiculously Thin and Accurate

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Other methods will flood a large amount of coating, and then wipe it away. April Learn how and when to remove this template message A coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object, usually referred to as the substrate. In food and medical packages, liquid film coatings are being applied to food coating.

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These attributes result in significant benefits over traditional methods in terms of functionality and cost savings. Lithium-ion battery electrodes, multilayer ceramic capacitors. Variations in thickness can result in variations in results.

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In other cases, e. Everything the pump delivers is applied to the substrate — there is no waste. Slot Die Coating is a Huge Advantage for the Right Industries As we noted earlier, industries such as electronics, medical devices and pharmaceutical keeping raising the bar. Coatings may be applied as liquidsgases or solids.


An example of all of these types of coating is a product label on many drinks bottles- one side has an all-over functional coating the adhesive and the other side has one or more decorative coatings in an appropriate pattern the printing to form the words and images. Precision pre-metered fluid delivery 2.

The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both. Chemistries and other solutions need to be accurately applied.

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Slot die coating systems are our focus, and our resources are concentrated on making real advancements for the coating industry. Extremely Accurate Accuracy is based on the amount of material you want to put down, how close you are, and how uniform you want it to be.

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A further consideration for 'non-all-over' coatings is that control is needed as to where the coating is to be slot die coating. The die vacuum also ensures there is no saw tooth or waviness.

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Slot die coating can meet these new thickness and accuracy requirements. A roll of substrate, when wound through the coating machine, is typically called a web.

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Or, to be precise, thin AND accurate is in. Extremely flat and straight die surfaces 3.

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Good Machine Direction Edges The coating edges must be continuous, consistent and sharp. Or, in other words, how much the thickness varies from your target.

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We mind the details down to finishes, properly sized bolts and washers, tools, and cases, to ensure your precision product works for you. We apply our extensive process knowledge to your unique situation and promptly provide the most effective and efficient solutions for you.

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It applies the exact amount to the substrate. Talk about little margin for error. When comparing vendors, it is important to take the 3P approach and review process knowledge, precision manufacturing, and product performance: Now listen to this short audio interview with Scott Zwierlein, and then read on how slot die delivers on thin and accurate: Photo of a carbon filament, 6 microns in diameter, overlaid on a human hair, 50 microns in diameter.

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The service you receive after the sale will guarantee your coating system maintains peak performance for maximum return on investment. If the substrate starts and ends the process wound up in a roll, the process may be termed "roll-to-roll" or "web-based" coating. Here are just a few specific applications: Slot die coating article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.