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Turnbuckle The area on both ends of a bench where the edge of the glass is padded and meets the boards at a right angle.

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From the military term of the same name. Another word for referee.

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This causes the teammate to look down and be open to a devastating body check as the teammate receives the puck. T[ edit ] Tag up The act of returning to the neutral zone after a delayed offside is signaled by the linesman.

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Currently banned in shootouts in the NHL. Suicide pass A long pass to a moving teammate's feet.

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A minor penalty delay of game is assessed if the goaltender plays the puck behind the goal line outside of the trapezoid. It can be blamed on either the defense-man for setting up such an obvious pass, or the player receiving the pass for not keeping their head up.

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He doesn't skate with the puck toward the offensive zone very often but will look to pass first. Sunburn When a goal is scored, and the light behind the goaltender is lit up, it is said that the goalie got 'sunburned.

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Spearing The act of jabbing an opponent with the blade of the stick. This pass is often referred to as a suicide pass.

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The NHL has replaced this with rounded corners as a safer alternative. Sniper A player with a powerful, accurate shot skilled at finishing plays. Usually the last player to leave his defensive zone.

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Stand on his head A goalie who plays extremely well and keeps his team from losing when they have not played well is said to have stood on his head. Our goaltender is getting sunburned tonight.

A double-minor penalty at minimum.

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Players have been checked into the turnbuckles causing serious injury. Stack the pads A save wherein the goaltender drops to one side and makes the save with his leg pads stacked horizontally atop one another. Trap Also called the "neutral zone trap", is a defensive-style hockey strategy in which a team loads up the neutral zone with players so that the opposing team has a difficult time crossing the blue line and gaining the zone.

Slot hockey define