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Address book - Store up to personal locations and phone numbers in the system's memory, and create up to ten customer address book folders.

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Should you change course from the directions indicated on the display monitor for any reason, the system can automatically recalculate your position, then select and display a new route. The next data update is scheduled for July This modification is suggested "for off-road use only" and requires the AF disc software. Hardwareinventory HardwareInventory Separateall hardware and group as shown below for the assembly and installation procedures.

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Laythe belt beside the rail, as shown. This involves burning a patch file to a disc and loading the disc into the RB1 to update the firmware.


Orientation - The default orientation is "North" on the top of the display. Points of Interest function - Select the service or business you'd like to visit from a database containing thousands of addresses.

All mapping is on one DVD. Survey your Doyou have an access door in addition to the garage door?

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Smart Key Filtering - When using the digital keyboard to input information, the system makes educated guesses based on previously entered letter combinations and displays only the characters necessary to input your destination Trail Function - The RB1 features a program developed specifically for off-road use.

Roads are classified fromwith a level 1 road being the highest level road such as a highway or freeway, and a level 5 road, for example, may be a country road in a rural area.

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RB1 Navigation Radio features Description: Generally, the system will try to direct you to the "highest level" road. Route Recalculation automatic - If you encounter a detour, miss an exit or make a wrong turn the RB1 adjusts to keep you on track. Time is also displayed directly on the map along with your estimated time of arrival, or estimated drive time remaining. When you are on "minimize freeways", the system will try to route you on the most direct streets.

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Pull the belt around the idler pulley and toward the trolley. The unit features a 4.

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Input an intersection 8. You can get longitude, latitude and altitude readings. Input a trip itinerary up to 10 can be stored 7.

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Built by Alpine for Mopar. The NAV voice volume can be set independently of the radio volume. Use the map cursor to select a location directly from your map display Map cursor - When taking a trip you can access a map of the location you are visiting. If garage area to see if any of the conditions below apply to your not, Model Follow the instructions which will work best for your particular requirements.

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While in the radio or CD mode, the voice prompt if activated will override the radio sound momentarily. By hand, thread the spring trolley nut on the threaded shaft until it is finger tight against the trolley.

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Savethe carton and Accessories will depend on the model purchased. Select a destination from your address book 5.

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Programmable options such as editing the personal address book or inputting a destination will be unavailable and grayed out until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Select a point of interest 3. In-motion operation - As a special safety feature, the Mopar RB1 Navigation Radio limits the availability of certain navigation tasks while the vehicle is in motion.

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