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River Plate and Boca Juniors are the two most well known teams internationally. For more on these cuts, what they are and how to pronounce them read our article on Meat in Buenos Aires Where to go? Feel free to let us know if you are having trouble choosing which venue to go to.

Evita Peron is buried there among many famous founding fathers, generals and politicians of Argentina. Tango We all know that Buenos Aires is internationally famous for tango. Attending futbol games in Buenos Aires is our specialty. Imports here are taxed heavily! If you want to check out a soccer match in Buenos Aires feel free to Email Us.

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Football and Polo Soccer: Each boast that their selection of the highest quality cream make their ice cream the front runner. Eating a tasty cut of Argentine beef is a given on your things to do list while in Argentina. The Street Fairs In many of the plazas there are weekend street fairs where artisans display their work. Many of the founding fathers of Argentina and the most famous Argentinean politician Eva Peron can be found resting here.

Boarders, immigration officials, and life in general: Tango shows, good coffee and snacks. The main polo tournament is played in Palermo in late November to mid December and very accessible to all except for advanced stages and the final.

Ideal dining times for Argentina target the 9: Shopping Leather jackets, purses, pants, belts, shoes- you name it and they sell it here. A modern bridge that crosses the port area. Our first day there was a bust due slot one mataderos the pouring rain. A massive cemetery with detailed mausoleums, crypts and vaults.

I have been hankering for some good old karaoke since I came to South America. Some are underground, some are members only, some welcome all. Polo tournament season tends to run between October to December. La Catedral or Canning are best for novices to attend.

Be sure to make a reservation or show up early by Argentinean standards 8: Other fairs you should consider visiting are: The fair wraps around Plaza Francia which is conveniently in front of the Recoleta cemetery which should also be on your check list.

Food and Drinks to Try

Almost all shows make it pretty easy with transportation to and from the show, a nice dinner with wine and of course the professional show. Fernet…is the coveted herbal liquor that is massively popular in Buenos Aires and slot one mataderos the country.

All the rumors are true- the city is a European and Latin American mix featuring a rich immigrant and native cocktail of culture. Note the times and days. Lots of wine, cheese, aged sausages, salads and of course multiple courses of meat. All 5 have legions of fans and rich futbol histories so seeing any of them should be on your check list of things to do in Buenos Aires.

The items you will see vary and the entertainment can be quite random. Now about that quality…trust your instincts. You be the judge. The taste is on the bitter side, but can be cut with a teaspoon of sugar.

I absolutely loved it! They tend to offer more affordable prices as the demand for tickets at River Plate and Boca Juniors are often restricted to members which drives supply down and demand up. Downtown Colonia One of the many strays I fell in love with My first time playing a slot machine in a casino.

Home to some of the finest beef in the world, it makes sense that Argentina would also have excellent dairy. Also, double check to make sure the fair is open Mataderos Facebook pageit closes during the hot summer months. Futbol is the dominant sport in Argentina. This was the first time I have ever entered a country via boat.

Posted on May 31, 1 comment My tourist visa slot one mataderos about to expire and I had to get out of Argentina for 24 hours. Areas around Florida pedestrian street are conveniently located and vary in quality. We hung around the hostel, cooked, drank the local beer and made some new friends. Buenos Aires is internationally known for its nightlife for all ages.

Drinking this just looks cool and is one of the more unusual things you can try in Buenos Aires. Fantastic acoustics, recently refurbished, great ballets, operas and orchestras are played here regularly. Old cars liter the cobblestone streets on Colonia. What I often tell people is that buying a top quality leather jacket in Gucci or Christian Dior would run you well over a thousand dollars.

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Empanadas You have to eat some empanadas if you are visiting Buenos Aires. We tried to explore but soon gave it and returned to the hostel soaking wet and hungry. Just plan on observing, having a drink and seeing real enthusiasts do what they love to do. If it looks shabby plastic or vinyl like appearance or has a price tag that is too good to be true then it is.

We climbed to the top of this lighthouse. Alternatively, for those that are feeling more adventurous, check out the leather district at the intersection Murillo and Scalabrini Ortiz.

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I hopped on a boat for a 3 hour ride across to Uruguay. Many famous authors once visited frequently here. Pace yourself if you want slot one mataderos make it past 3 a. The football schedule usually starts up in early February and runs to late May with a 2 month break for winter and then picks back up in early August finishing in December.

A very colorful tourist trap. Armed with a bombilla bomb-bee-sha or metal straw, mate mah-tay which is a hollowed out gourd and yerba shur-bah or ground up tea leaves and stems. Ask for them to be cooked crocante crispy. The plaza in front of the presidential house where large protests and political gatherings have taken place. Puesto Slot one mataderos estancia puts together a nice full day of transportation to and from, asado lunch, snacks through out the day and 2 polo lessons morning and late afternoon.

A slow, relaxing time to share with friends and family typically occupy the majority of the day with multiple stages of gluttony. That night we went to the local bar for karaoke. If you are short on time and want to see the professionals in action, check out a tango show. The must see list of things to do in Buenos Aires.

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