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The series was produced in Van NuysCalifornia. Part of the justification was cost: It touched on many important social aspects of not just rural Irish life but all aspects of Irish life. Glenroe a spin-off from Bracken — created and written by Wesley Burrowes.

The striking difference in ages of the couple she was his senior by twenty years, and as Minnie Brennan was made to look even older through make-up became a source of comment among viewers, as some noted in letters to the show that she was old enough on screen to convincingly play his mother.

In the s Tom and Benjy featured in a television advertisement urging farmers to have metal-framed cabs put onto their tractors to protect themselves from serious injury should the vehicle overturn. Kristin Dattilo was also up for the role of Brenda Walsh, but she turned it down.

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In the words of academic Dr Finola KennedyThe Riordans "introduced one of the most sensitive issues in rural family life — the links between property, farm ownership and marriage at the very time of the debate on the Succession Bill". Development[ edit ] Torand Productions was used by the production company for several seasons on the show.

In the first season, the teenage characters aside from David Silver and Scott Scanlon were said to be in the eleventh grade, but due to the success of the show, their ages were retconned to be one year younger in the second season, making them tenth graders in the first. He died in the United States in It incorporated many delicate matters and matters which people shied away from and it was an in-depth study of life in Ireland.

Its most dramatic innovation was in the use of OBUs Outside Broadcast Units to film most of each episode on location in the countryside. During the 10 years the series was in production it was filmed in a warehouse complex in Van Nuys, the interiors of the series as well as the exteriors of the Peach Pit parking lot and P.

Liberals argued that the reform was one of social justice and a long-overdue recognition of the rights of farmers' wives. Its success was immediate, with its actors becoming household names. Howard, and the middle class farming Riordans, against farm labourers Batty Brennan and Eamonn Maher.

In the pilot episode, the role of Jackie Taylor was first played by Pamela Galloway and then by Ann Gillespie for the rest of the series.

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However, rural drama remains as strong source of material as seen in On Home Ground —Pure Mule — and the popular detective series Single-Handed - date. By the late s, Ireland was becoming less rural, less conservative and less Catholic.

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In the early s, Yorkshire Televisionwhich, aware of the success of The Riordans, was planning its own rural-based soap opera, travelled to Ireland to see how The Riordans was made on location. Ironically, one of the biggest shock issues of the early show, the use of contraception, became less of a shock when in the provision of contraception was legalised, albeit with tight controls, in the very year the show was taken off air.

One of Ireland's most successful screenwriters, Wesley Burroweshaving been responsible for much of the output on The Riordans, was the creator of both Bracken and Glenroe. When the characters began attending the then-fictitious California University in the show's fourth season, the scenes around campus were actually filmed at Occidental College in Eagle Rock.

In addition, in the first season Donna's mother was named Nancy Martin and played by actress Jordana Capra. Later careers of the actors[ edit ] Some of the actors had distinguished careers after the axing of The Riordans. Even the central characters, a farmer and his father Miley Byrne and Dinny Byrne, blurred the urban and rural worlds in a way that Tom Riordan never did, by turning their farm into an open farm for urban people to visit, and selling their produce in their own shop in the local town.

She also starred in a number of films, including Angela's Ashes.

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In the s, Ireland was still rural, conservative and Catholic, with storylines like a character going on the Pill containing a shock value unthinkable a decade later. An unmarked gated studio entrance now stands at this address, but the exterior brick facing of the P.

In London region, the series was only screen weekly on Monday finishing on 12 October Kelly and Donna's beach house used in the show is located in Hermosa Beach. The series was replaced by a spin-off series Brackenwhich saw Gabriel Byrne 's character move from Kilkenny to Wicklow.

The changing nature of Irish society was shown in the soap operas that replaced The Riordans. The studio building complex has since been the home to various projects including the CBS series Jerichowhich guest starred James Eckhouse in one episode. Many other locals were cast during the many seasons.

Previously soap operas had all been studio-based, with even supposed exterior filming all done with studio sets built in sound stages. Other issues were also raised, such as illegitimacypovertythe problems of old age, marriage break-up, sexual activity, the dramatic changes in the post-Vatican II Catholic Church, and most famously contraceptionwhen it was revealed that Benjy's wife, Maggie, for medical reasons could not risk having a second pregnancy.

Keane 's The Field with Richard Harris and also on stage.

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This was a marked innovation. It was dropped from that timeslot after a while - only to continue in the 3: Actor Tom Hickeywho played Benjy was from County Kildare in the midlands and also had personal experience of life in the part of the country in which the programme was set.

After two series, that show was replaced as planned by its own spin-off, Glenroewhich followed the Lally and Lynch characters as they moved from the fictional townland of Bracken to the outskirts of the fictional town of Glenroe. When the Peach Pit was fictionally remodeled during season two, the producers used Rose City Diner in PasadenaCalifornia to film the exterior of the gang's hangout, and it remained the same throughout parx casino ein number rest of the show's run.

However to speed up the process of getting the film back to studio for editing, it filmed the programme on a farm near Dunboyne in County Meath, even though it set it in County Kilkennywhich was further away. A new farm labourer, played by new actor Gabriel Byrnewas introduced in and he played the love-interest for Maggie, Benjy's wife, who had remained after refusing to go to Africa with him.

The decision of the couple to use contraception the Pill caused considerable controversy and criticism from "family values" organisations and some in the Catholic Church. Beverly Hills High School actually lies within ZIP codeand the most affluent homes lie within the mostly residential Torrance High can also be seen in other shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Fox was initially reluctant to have him included as a regular, but Aaron Spelling felt differently and gave Perry a bigger role during the first two years until the network was won over.