West Memphis, Arkansas

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When the snow began to melt, this added to the already existing flood problems and the logotipo de casino aladdin caused by the tornado.

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Decline of Broadway Avenue was rapid after the traffic through the town diminished with the opening of the interstate highways. It was years before Europeans visited this region again. The Spanish found the land to be the most densely populated that they had seen since starting their journey on the Florida coast, two years earlier.

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In the years that followed, the track closed several times—once for flooding, another due to World War II, and another time due to fire. Several mounds are still visible.

During the summer of Memphis fell into the hands of the Union forces. He chose a location across the river from present-day Memphis. The small community consisted of the mill, a commissary and boarding house, and a few dozen dwellings for workers. The flood of was the last time the levee broke in Crittenden County. The community incorporated as a city in with the name West Memphis.

Army on March 24, The growth and development of the city's main commercial thoroughfare, Broadway Avenue, was instigated by the increased traffic and by demand for the industrial products produced and shipped through West Memphis by rail and river. It is bordered to the north by the city of Marion. Highway 61, named Missouri Street in West Memphis, was constructed at the same time and its juncture with Highway 70 would become the epicenter of downtown West Memphis.

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First settlement[ edit ] The earliest recorded immigrant to the area was Benjamin Fooy, a native of Holland who was sent in by the Spanish governor of the large area claimed by Spain to establish a settlement on the Mississippi River. The original site of West Memphis came from Spanish land grants issued during the s.

Construction in of a second automobile bridge across the Mississippi, connecting Memphis and West Memphis, created another influx of automobile traffic.

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The South park casino west memphis arkansas Cooperage, which was a stave mill, purchased a great quantity of acreage for its lumber operation. Pre-European habitation[ edit ] Native Americans lived in the Mississippi River Valley for at least 10, years, although much of the evidence of their presence has been buried or destroyed.

With both I and I traveling toward the Mississippi River, West Memphis became known as the "crossroads of America" in the trucking industry. Due to the rapid growth of the city that grew from thick forests and swamps earlier in the 20th century, West Memphis was nicknamed the "Wonder City" in the mids.

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Bragg, one of the city's founders, was elected as the first mayor and served for three consecutive one year terms. In the population was approximately and bythe population had grown to Inhighways 70 and 61 were established and clearing began through the future West Memphis.

In south park casino west memphis arkansas to its lost ferry operations, this area, in the same fashion as its northern neighbor Hopefield, became part of the Mississippi River flood plain in the s.

Tourist courtsrestaurants, hotels and other amenities geared toward the traveler were constructed along the traffic corridor through West Memphis. The mill was located along a railroad spur and a dirt path that would eventually become Missouri Street in West Memphis.

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King began his public entertaining—and The Coffee Cup—located at East Broadway in the s, outside which Elvis Presley ate his first breakfast after south park casino west memphis arkansas inducted into the U. The buildings in theand blocks of East Broadway reflect the growth of the city of West Memphis in the years to The Spanish abandoned the fort in and the area took its English translation "Field of Hope" which eventually became known as Hopefield shortly after the United States took possession of the Louisiana Territory.

However, the Civil War forced a halt to track construction just east of the St. World War II to the modern era[ edit ] In the s, s, and s, 8th Street was often called " Beale Street West", reflecting a music and nightlife scene to equal that in Memphis.

A small piece of West Memphis extends south as far as the Mississippi Riverbut in most places the river is from 0. West Memphis began its role as a trucking hub with the opening of parts of Interstate 55 in the s.

Crittenden County[ edit ] Crittenden County is bounded on the east by the Mississippi River and was established ineleven years before Arkansas became a state.

Francis Levee District was established in Francis County sincepurchased acres of virgin timber and established a sawmill in Within a short time of the mill's beginning, a small community developed.

The original inhabitants, like the later settlers, were drawn to this region because of its fertile river bottom soil, abundant game, and thick forest. The Spanish expedition departed Arkansas two years later, leaving behind numerous Old World diseases.

In the s West Memphis, along with the rest of the Mississippi Delta, suffered due to the economic depression. In the population reached The town of Hopefield was rebuilt after the war but never regained the prominence it once held in Crittenden County. First settlement named West Memphis[ edit ] An early settlement that was established for ferry operations between Memphis and Arkansas in the early s was given the name West Memphis.

Hundhausen began plans for the Bolz Slack Barrell Cooperage plant located at the southern end of present-day 8th Street in West Memphis. This heralded the growth of the future West Memphis as its main street, U.

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Ina six-lane highway bridge, known as the Hernando de Soto Bridge and located north of the Harahan, opened as part of I The most notable export of West Memphis from that era was its original blues music. However, private landowners along the Mississippi River built levees that were only three or four feet high.

Mound City Road, located within the eastern portion of the West Memphis city limits, has a marker indicating that the villages of Aquixo Aquijo or Pacaha were in the area. Legal greyhound racing began in the county in In andthe St.

Highway 70, known as Broadway Avenue, brought an influx of automobile traffic through the area. The French expedition of Joliet and Marquette in found none of the towns or people that the Spanish had documented; all that remained were the many mounds that still dot the landscape along the rivers and creeks. King lived in West Memphis. Inthe Spanish established Campo de la Esperanza which was a small fort along the Mississippi River.

The area around Bragg's Mill was known for the first few years as Bragg, Arkansas.

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Many of these soldiers were moved on to other battle fronts, but some remained to harass the Union forces and disrupt river traffic. Early history[ edit ] In the summer south park casino west memphis arkansasSpanish explorer Hernando De Soto crossed the Mississippi River into what is now Crittenden County with an army of over conquistadors and almost as many captured Native American slaves.

The availability of river and rail transportation transformed West Memphis into the manufacturing and distribution hub of the county. Francis Levee District began the levee system in the Arkansas Delta during the s, what little remained of Hopefield became part of the Mississippi River flood plain and was washed away. Until the national interstate highway system was opened in the late s, diverting traffic away from former routes through the middle of America's towns, West Memphis' Broadway Avenue was the city's center of commerce, with retail stores, tourist courts and hotels and office buildings.

However, the city grew and developed at a record pace.

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By the time French hunters and explorers entered the region, the Mississippian towns and other settlements had been abandoned. Bythe population grew to 2, and inthe population had more than quadrupled in size to 9, making West Memphis the fastest growing city in Arkansas. Francis River in Hundhausen, another founder of West Memphis, was elected as its third mayor and served from to European exploration and settlement[ edit ] Explorers from both Spain and France visited the area near West Memphis.

Although the three blocks of East Broadway contained in the West Memphis Commercial Historic District remain much as they appeared in the s, s, and s, the remainder of the city's major traffic corridor, Broadway Avenue, has changed significantly. Bragg, a lumberman who had been logging in St. This became such a problem that on February 19,four companies of Federal forces burned down the entire town.

Hopefield became the eastern terminal for the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad in Named after Robert Crittendenthe first secretary of the Arkansas Territorythe county had a population of 1, in They were released with time served and placed on probation until Three documentaries have been made about the incident, the first being Paradise Lost: The three young men convicted were known as the West Memphis Three and brought about a great amount of public intrigue.