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My only complaint is that the full pay games disappear when you enter the high limit slots area.

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Judging by signage in the casino, there was a motorcycle auction going on, and I noticed some people dressed in biker attire. When I sat down to play blackjack I was the first at the table, so requested to make it non-smoking.

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Poker The poker area at South Point seems like an afterthought. My friends pretty much agreed. I don't know what figures they use at the South Point, but another Las Vegas casino assumes 70 hands per hour and a house edge of 0. I ordered a glass when I was there previously with Lisa, my model, and she agreed it tasted like vinegar. Holidays are sometimes double point days at the South Point.

Non-Smoking Areas As far as I could tell, the only part of the casino where smoking is prohibited is the poker room.


When I was there, the South Point was running a promotion on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in which if you earned points on any machine slots or video poker you could spin a virtual prize wheel next to the player club desk. L, United States of Honor sea limited casino I am there for the horse facility and show.

Signage in the casino and the local newspaper often favorably compare the South Point's program to competitors Station Casinos and Coast Casinos.

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No bets are taken or paid until the dealer flips over the hole card after all players have acted. If you are playing with friends, depending on the situation, you should carefully consider who sits where, so that whoever wants to bet the most is not inconvenienced by the South Point's unusual banking rules.

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When you do bank, the dealer will bet as much as you bet the last hand, regardless of whom you played against. Upscale furnishings and soft dinner music gave the place a high-end feel. The outfits do not leave much to the imagination. Jorge, United States of America the price of my room for 5 days were goodexcept for the resort fee William, United States of America It was not slot ng phone exchange pushy as the strip.

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Which is good if south point casino entertainment have being traveling for a couple hours and you need to rest. In particular, they have I had great fun playing next to a young woman who looked like Brittany Spears. Nigel, Australia Pool was great and room was big.

The casino was quite crowded when I was there. It was during the week of the Consumer Electronics Showwhich I believe is the biggest convention to come to Vegas every year. Video Poker There can be no debate that the South Point is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas for video poker, especially for low to medium limit players.


Kelvin, United Kingdom Good option off the strip, close to the airport, free shuttle to airport - although it needs to start earlier in the morning. Cocktail Service During my five hours of playing in the casino, I found the cocktail service to be friendly and sufficiently frequent.

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Pai Gow Poker The turn to bank rotates around the table. As soon as I sat down, a waitress took my drink order.

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She came by often to make sure I didn't go thirsty. I would recommend the 7: However, if a player declines to bank, the option reverts to the dealer. In addition, there was a large lounge area with tables and chairs with plenty more screens to watch the games.

They still pay 15 and 30 to 1 on hop bets and 3 to 1 on a 12 on the field.

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