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It's important to know that available assignments differ depending on where the character is standing or where her ship is in space. On a crit success, you get a random green or blue Liberated Borg officer.

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Commons By this point, you don't really need your common officers wetumpka casino in alabama, right?

If they are injured, they will be sent automatically to the sickbay and another mission will be triggered. Assignment Cap You can increase your maximum number of assignments to 23 by buying cap upgrades at the Fleet Embassy.

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The personnel officer also offers some costly missions that you might decide to run: It doesn't guarantee doffs, but it rewards a decent number of Fleet Support packs and mini-packs, and has a chance to directly grant you an ultra-rare Xindi doff with a rare specialization. If your normal grind doesn't grant any, you can often buy them cheaply on the Exchange.

From a Klingon alt, because many, many Klingon Marauder missions reward Contraband. The colonists obtained can be fed directly into the fleet starbase and purchased or sold for energy credits on the Exchange- but keep in mind that you can only hold 20 passengers at a time.

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Once you have those prisoners, you unlock several missions will consume them, but most don't reward anything of value, so keep or sell the prisoners or use them in a prisoner exchange. You can also claim an Exocomp or Reman maintenance engineer from your faction's personnel contact. For instance, achieving successive tiers in Diplomacy will grant a player with abilities to transwarp to different locations in the STO universe, the last of which is the ability to transwarp to Deep Space Nine once she reaches the rank of Ambassador.

The doff contact at the Fleet Spire sells these upgrades for fleet credits each.

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Obtain a single Andorian officer, or more on a critical success. These extra slots cost, and fleet credits, and are bought in order of price. Uncommon, rare, and very rare officers can be injured but will not be removed from the roster.

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As shown in the "Frame the House of Duras" screencap above, the rare blue officer, in spite his lack of matching traits, will likely perform better than the common officer with just one matching trait. As officers are assigned to a mission, the "chances of success" numbers will change, so I recommend players swap officers around and pay attention to those numbers and find out what combination works best.

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This week I will continue my informal series for new Star Trek Online players with a brief primer on the game's duty officer system. This is especially true for such a dangerous mission: The tiers shown above for the "Colonial" field on the KDF side reflect that the rewards are typically a title along with a duty officer of increasing rarity.

If you decide not to use them on missions, they can also be given to certain Starbase projects.

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Once you can fill all your missions with blues and purples, Run the "Exchange Officers" mission from the Personnel Officer on any greens you're willing to spare for three common doffs each. A critical success at any rank will reward an Entertainment Hologram of the same rarity. Call Freighter If you have a mission to run in sector space and lack the commodities, with only minutes left on the clock, have no fear- this is exactly why you have that Azura Personal Comm Code from "Stranded in Space".

A player has 20 mission slots at any given time a couple more are unlocked if there are officers relegated to sickbay.

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Common duty officers are not invaluable. You can repeatably get a blue officer by playing the Hearts and Minds mission every Friday the 13th, so be sure to mark your calendar. This is generally considered the only worthwhile use of contraband outside of completing chain missions that require it, like the Facility Fugitives chain.

You can run missions with commodities stored in your bank instead of your inventory, so you can often run missions with less effort later if you plan ahead and keep everything you need in the bank. You can downgrind anything better than common doffs to produce more common doffs and therefore more fleet credits- instead of having to hope you get to snipe the fleet mark requirement out of a project instead of someone else, you can simply sign in after the sto increase doff assignment slots have rolled over and fill the empty requirements.

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These are one of the easiest ways to fill a roster with purple doffs. The starfleet security officer contact, colloquially known as "The Kitty", will let you turn in a stack of 5 contraband in exchange for unrefined dilithium. Upgrinding Once you've run out of doffy things to spend dilithium on and have a nice cushion of purple doffs, you might think about turning those almost-useful blues into purples.

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