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So obv wheels are optimal and ideal to scoop.

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Overall this was very good value for the price. Step 2 Should have been step 1 is to get in some VP over at Cosmo. As Canadians, the weather is great for walking in Jan-Feb in Vegas, the only time of year the temperature is the same inside casinos and outside in the day.

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Not too many memorable hands but I chip up a bit more in and Badugi as they are by far my best games. Looks like this will be a good trip. As Leon would say, Never. There are also three other very good breads in the basket. If you enjoyed, I'll post day 2 in a bit. These games are very profitable live, though still come with a significant amount of variance as you only play 7 hands of each game every 3 hours in a game mix.

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Not Guy Savoy or Robuchon bread cart, but pretty frickin great. We get this at least once a trip, sometimes just as an appetizer then go somewhere else for our main course. Some tajarins in Piedmont might top it, but that's a much longer trip. Free chips doubledown casino iphone Rock is actually a pretty nice hotel with cool rock memorabilia, though does seem like it would get a bit smoky at night.

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She actually knows all the games pretty decently, so enjoys the live action. Oilers bink the shootout and now we just need the Knights to beat the Islanders for the parlay.

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Staying at Paris because it's free, not because I love Paris. Gah, why not on 25 cent. Ah, strat roulette deutsch delicious spaghetti. An absolutely outstanding rendition of a simple pasta, this has crazy umami flavor and intensity.

Drawing one on the first draw I pick up a lovely 7. Got it cause of the champagne, would not get again. Bread basket with eggplant and tomato caponata, butter and olive oil.

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Obligatory greyhound pic For the first time in a million trips we actually walk down Harmon and check out the Hard Rock Casino. Since the pots often play multiway and there are qualifiers for both high and low, high hands can still have a lot strat roulette deutsch value and scoop occasionally.

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Parlay on the Knights and Oilers to win Oilers got spanked by Sabres the night before and should get revenge on the arch rival Flames at home and take the over on the Oilers-Flames. Other pastas here are also very good especially the short rib agnolottibut their mains are less good IMO.

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Great value for an included bread course. Over the course of the next two hours I play through the super razzdeucey, super stud hi-low regular, badeucey, badacey, TD and Badugi. I pat and get called 3 ways on turn and then get raised by a flush on the river. Better head over there and play some banana games.

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The cut on this crudo would make a sushi master seppuku for sure. First win of trip is the early Diamond check in and get a room at 11 AM. Step 1 is for wifey to donk up some carnival games at Paris.

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Scarpetta is kind of a staple for wifey and I, solely because of the spaghetti course. Lots of space for wifey to sweat.

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Also it just happens to be porn central in there this weekend. It is literally just trolling French people all the time.

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Goal for trip is to get wife to Sterling and me back to Gold to make sure we get 5 comped weekend nights per year in addition to usual Sun-Thurs offers. On the way we make a few sports bets. I finish up my cigar with some Remy XO in the high limit room, while watching the Knights lose for only the 5th time in 25 games at home this year. Not the most amazing Italian food of my life, but solid.

Extra win is the other solid players in the game are in the five and six seats.

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The game creates some interesting dynamics as you might have something like a pair of Aces and draw three, going for a high hand, then get 4 cards to a wheel or other strong low draw and change to going for a low hand. Having finished dinner, it was time to go to the sportsbook, light up a Hoyo Epicure 2 and watch the shootout of Oilers-Flames, already so over is good regardless.

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