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Set your mind at ease about serial killers, scare yourself away from ever gambling again, or learn to recognize when the rewards are worth the risks, and you might find your life is a lot mellower when you're not worrying about being struck by lightning or any of the other catastrophes the news screeches about nightly.

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The book, his first, is written in a breezy style. Podivuhodny svet pravdepodobnosti", December [ cover ]in Korea by Bupyo July [ cover ]in Spain by Tusquets "A cara o cruz: On Nov 20, I spoke to math teachers at Branksome Hall.

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Treehouse Talk see video. Writing in funny, easily understandable language aimed at non-mathematicians, he shows how understanding the odds can give us a better idea of how the world works, and help us make better decisions about our lives.

My book also led to a number of paid speaking engagements, not listed here; and to a number of media articles which mentioned me. Gambling, insurance, crime, game shows, plane crashes, disease and plenty more are deconstructed in this relevant and often irreverent study.

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Rosenthal smoothly soothes some of our everyday fears without taking the magic out of life's little oddities. To prove that things aren't always as they seem, Rosenthal presents a few brainteasers that challenge your intuition.

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Eastern Time on WLW. It also led to my doing lots of other media interviews, including with: Buy Struck By Lightning and have some fun.

From this lively book comes our selection. It helps you figure out the true meaning of political polls, and how to assess randomness in everything from dice throwing to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. No mathematical knowledge is needed to follow him on his curious and intriguing journey.

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The Curious World of Probabilities is a book about probability and randomness in everyday life, intended to inform and entertain readers without requiring any mathematics background. These type of books are so much fun The book Struck by Lightning may be ordered from e.

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I was interviewed on May 30 for a French-language radio segment about statistics see my segmentfull audioweb link. The author maintains that our fear of untoward events can be eased with the logic of probability and knowing how to evaluate what the real odds are of such an event occurring.

A multitude of applications of 'the Probability Perspective' are laid out: InI did live interviews about probability for rem.

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Coincidences -- surprising or not? The author explains, in very clear language, the nature of probability and its use in understanding some of the many areas in everyday life that could otherwise remain very obscure or misunderstood.

I did an interview for the podcast Skeptically Speaking on July 7. In the runup to the January Canadian federal election, I did a number of live radio interviews about election polls: You can bet your life on it.

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A section in the middle This means that formulas are reduced to the bare bones, and mathematical proofs are nonexistent: The next morning at 8: If that sounds like Greek to you, try Struck by Lightning: It may be ordered from e. Then on April 2 at 7:

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