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Series 6 profiles Are generally based on 30mm core dimensions, with a 6mm slot that allows a maximum slot nut thread of M6, these profiles are used for larger applications such as furniture, table top frames and enclosures. There is absolutely no end to what can be done with it.

In fact in OpenBeam aluminum profiles the T-slot is designed to fit the size of a M2 nut. This feature will center the threaded hole of the T-nut in the T-slot, prevent rotation and allow for longer thread dimensions. In fact, it is possible to enclose panels into square frame inserting their outer edges inside the T-slots.

Series 8 profiles Are the most popular, based on 40mm core dimensions, with an 8mm slot that allows a maximum slot nut thread of M8, these profiles are used for a vast range of applications from machine frame building to guarding, from special enclosures to vehicle structures.

The Starter Kits Once we made our choice and we decided which of these systems meets our needs, it is advisable to start with the purchase of a Starter Kit.


In this case, preloading is necessary during assembly. This is an example of what can be done enclosing panels into aluminum frames. All profile holes can be directly tapped Wire mesh in the profile slot for guarding panels Panel material held in with plastic blocks Panel material held in slot with plastic filler strip Slot fillers and flat faced profiles for clean areas Our aluminium extrusion series.

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Because OpenBeam and MakerBeam are open-source, you can develop and build your own pieces to interlink, even further expanding the possibilities. This will give you the ability to implement multiple integrated solutions using both aluminum profiles and 3D-printed plastic parts.

Extend your possibilities Motor mounts can bolt directly to the beams and with the use of angle brackets, you can mount any kind of motor. The T-slot t slot frames with MicroMax profiles and finally, Fig.

If you want to go further, you can always supplement the kit ordering the pieces that we need more. As a raw material, aluminium extrusions are still more expensive than steel, so why do so many people move over to using aluminium profiles?

Valuframe aluminium profile systems and t-slot aluminium extrusions have a huge array of uses, not all industrial.

The Starter Kits

Using spacers you can mount any PCB onto any T-slot framing system Other mechanical components are compatible with the T-slot framing. The T-slot framing with OpenBeam profiles. In fact, it is possible to slide a PCB into the beams. Theis neck is engaged and aligned with the T-slot when secured in its tightened position.

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Why would I use an aluminium profile system? It is the T-nut to be in the T-slot and not the head of the bolt.

The T-Slot framing components

T slot frames OpenBeam starter kit Fig. Not only they are small enough to work as model building system, but they are also precise and strong enough to build real machines and robots. Micromax and MakerBeam profiles have a square section of 1cm of side, instead OpenBeam roulette virtual money a square section of 1.

Lately, these framing systems have been increasingly miniaturized and their purchase cost has dropped significantly.

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What can I make with an aluminium extrusion system? Series 8X30 profiles Series 8X30 profiles are versatile profiles t slot frames the economy of 30mm dimensions with the flexibility of an 8mm slot for a wide range of connecting elements. No welded joints; so you can move the aluminium extrusions if needed. T slot frames can add pulleys, belts, rods, bearings, sensors and so on.

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Series 5 profiles Are generally based on 20mm core dimensions, with a 5mm slot that allows a maximum slot nut thread of M5, these aluminium extrusions are used for small, light applications such as sensor supports, small doors, frames and enclosures.

For example in the MakerBeam kits there are joining plates with different angles. The T-slot framing system consists of square extruded aluminum beams, various connectors and the hardware necessary to build just about anything.

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Furthermore, in the OpenBeam T-slot, the T-nut is a normal M2 nut, you can purchase it at any hardware store! A rolling or rotating motion is performed to install these in the T-slot.

The modularity of extruded aluminum profiles is based upon the T-slot concept of their profiles. As we can see, these are three different ways of thinking about the use of the T-slots. The MicroMax starter kit. In fact, if you have a 3D printer then there are no limits to what you can create.

These are only four of the several possible proposals: The width of a Drop-in T-Nut must be less than the T-slot opening dimension.

Aluminium Extrusions System created for engineers by engineers.

The follow figure Fig. Recently several proposals have appeared on the market and thanks to their versatility and their affordable price, they have become an optimal solutions to many applications. These kits contain a series of elements which generally able you to develop almost any project.

The MakerBeam starter kit Fig. Here we see some different ways of conceiving the nut inside the T-slot referring to it as the T-nut.

Valuframe - The Economy Aluminium Profile System.