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Surprisingly Good Audio Though slightly tinny at higher volumes, the integrated speakers produced loud, clear sound, both when watching videos and when listening to music. The t400 slot extended battery on our review unit added significant heft to the back of the machine and raised the total weight to 5.

Not exactly sure how it made it past quality control, but unless you have the screen tilted forward to an extreme degree you end up as blind as a bat. One feature that has been on ThinkPads almost forever is the ThinkLight, which is a small white LED located above the screen that illuminates the keyboard.

The T delivers good multimedia performance for a business system. When not gaming, one thing really working towards the system temperatures advantage was the very lower power consumption. Arctic MX-4 is also much better than the default paste used on these systems.

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This article possibly contains original research. Optical drive, one USB view large image Heat and Noise The cooling system seemed t400 slot improved over the prior generations, letting the notebook run whisper quiet and very cool to the touch under most circumstances. It is however, mechanically, an Ultrabay device without the surrounding "caddy".

However, it's important to remember that we were testing with the bulky nine-cell battery, so the smaller six- and four-cell units should offer considerably less endurance. After Web surfing for more than 15 minutes, the temperature between the G and H keys was 83 degrees Fahrenheit, the touchpad was The system comes with the typical Lenovo Care utilities, including battery management, system restore, password management, and hard drive shock-prevention tools.

On the right side are the optical drive and a single USB port. For watching the occasional video or listening to a webcast they would be fine, but headphones come highly recommended. In energy saving mode, the scores were a weak 15 and 6 fps.

Like the Samsung X, the T measures only 1. While many users prefer the touchpad, we appreciate the accuracy of Lenovo's stick, and touch typists will value the ability to navigate around the desktop without removing their fingers from the home row. Color quality remained solid at degree angles, enough for at least 3 adults to sit near the computer and view content on-screen.

Kevin O'Brien of Notebookreviews. Nestled in between the G and H keys on the keyboard is the familiar TrackPoint pointing stick. Your night vision is taken away t400 slot in the end it is a useful feature turned worthless by lack of proper design. This page might be useful for RAM compatibility info note: Arctic MX-4 is ok. The switchable graphics, blazing fast processor, and Centrino 2 chipset allow users to have the best of both worlds: Performance With a 2.

Quad-core CPUs

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. While the system fit comfortably on our lap and did not tip over, the back was noticeably heavier than the front.

We consider anything under 90 to be exceptionally cool. It is recommended that you install a new wifi chipset. Our review unit came with switchable graphics, so we were able to conduct our graphics and battery tests under both settings.

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He holds a master's degree in English from NYU. The lid does not have the glossy plastic or the illuminated LED logo treatment found on the SL series.

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In other words, it's everything you expect from a ThinkPad. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. For those who must still use optical media for movies, you lose more than an hour of battery life with the optical drive needing to spin throughout the video.

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Follow the instructions at. HDTune storage drive performance test: The 6-cell battery managed 6 hours and 4 hours and 28 minutes respectively. Those who who don't like the TrackPoint can ignore it and use the highly-accurate touchpad, which is located below slots rome space bar.

Keyboard, TrackPoint, and Touchpad The T uses a similar keyboard to other ThinkPads, offering strong feedback and predictable key placement. Introduced with the ThinkPad series inthis technology has gone through redesigns with almost every new generation of ThinkPad, which may lead to confusion. In energy saving mode, the T lasted a full 6 hours and 26 minutes, significantly longer than the category average of 4: The front lip houses a FireWire port, along with microphone and headphone jacks, while the back has a Kensington lock.

In dedicated graphics mode under the same settings battery life falls by exactly 2 hours down to 7 hours and 41 minutes, and power draw increases to Pictures and video taken in low light were sharp, bright, and full of detail but just a little blocky.

Warranty The ThinkPad T comes standard with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. With the switchable graphics set to discrete dubbed High Performance mode, the system returned an impressive score of 3, in PCMark Vantage, roughly points above average for thin-and-light systems, and comparing favorably with the Dell Latitude E 3,Fujitsu LifeBook S 3,and Lenovo's SL 3, The WWAN-3G card has proprietary firmware inside; the technology is identical to what is used in mobile phones, so it can also track your movements.

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The following table gives an overview of the different UltraBay types, in which models they occurred and which drives are available for them. Make sure to always change the MAC address to one that is correct for your system. We wouldn't recommend the T as a gaming machine, but it'll do in a pinch.

Other guides online detail the proper application procedure.

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