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Zach closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, dropping his hand between his legs and slowly pushing the Aneros in.

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With an 'ah ha! I also remember you telling me about the nasty sorority girl who used to shove a finger in you during blowjobs, and how you came harder than you have before or since.

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Your review has been posted. Though I think I should get an associate producer credit for getting you liquored up first.

Feels pretty fucking intense when you thrust. Her legs flopped to the floor, her body going limp. You will not be sorry. It lasts even longer this time, and he loses track of time completely before coming down. Slot craze free coins then he expects to sit on the couch all night drinking whatever obscure foreign beer Chris has scrounged up and watching bad movies and just generally not using any sex toys whatsoever.

Still plenty of time for Chris to turn coward and run. But it never happens — Chris follows him right into the bedroom.

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Men do not give other men sex toys! Thank you as always to KC for the edit and beta laughs. Oh, yeah, there was definitely going to be carpet burn. These are the only prerequisites for self-love. No way is he letting Chris get the best of him on this one. The solo magic, I mean. Sooner than usual, the contractions start coming on their own; Zach just helps them along, magnifies them as the rest of his body starts to tense with mounting pleasure.

And falls back to sleep with a smile. Who also, incidentally, came on Zach. Ever had multiple full-body orgasms? He breathes deeper, opens himself a little wider, shows himself off a little more.

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Surely Chris attempting to call his bluff with another bluff — Zach just has to up the stakes until Chris folds. Means I can go again right away. Her eyes squinted shut as she let out a huff, sweat pooling in the shallow hollows of her collarbones. Instead, he focuses on his breathing, on relaxing his body, on the familiar intrusion of the toy.

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But that one was pretty damn spectacular. Armed with a washcloth, he returns to see Zach sprawled across his bed, stroking lazily at his still-hard cock. They had done this a million times, why was this time so difficult? One hand staying in place to hold his position as he barely turned his body to grab the flimsy booklet off the ground.

I rarely gloat before my morning coffee. He holds so still that the blood rushing through his veins and the tiny quivers in his inner muscles move the toy infinitesimally against his prostate and perineum.

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As he relaxes, Chris retracts his fingers and — forgetting completely about the washcloth — wipes them on the sheet. He rests his head on one pillow and grabs the other one to stuff under his hips. That hand is speeding up now. Zach begins unbuttoning his jeans aggressively, if such a thing is possible.

Really nice, actually, a good complement to the little sizzles of pleasure still simmering in his fingers and toes. It is your birthday after all. We could do three Dammit they must have missed the front door opening.

A regular old single orgasm is good every now and then. Two strokes and Zach is already close; he has to take his hand off of his cock and focus on the Aneros again. But this one kind of was her fault, wasn't it?

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Sounds like Hooked on Phonics is finally paying off. Are there moving parts? He bats his eyelashes coyly. Alternate between clenching in and pushing out. He actually, honest-to-god pouts.

He takes a moment to answer. Two of them, online gambling petition fact, if one gets tired. You just have to… let it build. Now with bonus epilogue -- one week later Work Text: So let's at least make sure we do it right.

There will be… repercussions. They had been trying to finish the bed as Cora's fifth birthday present before she and Alexis returned from the zoo. For Lou, Alana and Jamie for allowing me to run away with this idea.

The sensations are building even faster this time and he bears down a little harder, hips rocking up slightly with each contraction.

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