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Say NO to gated-parking garages in apartment complexes.

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If you own any of the following, brace yourself: A best solutions is having ALL 3 of the following: Make sure you invest in heavy duty locks — normal garage doors are easy to break into, as easy as stealing door codes are. This one should be a no-brainer as well. If you just got a replacement for your stolen bike, they WILL be back for it.

Every thief has a pair of nice bolt-cutters that can cut trough any cheap chain. What they are doing is checking for any devices that have alarms. A common occurrence would be a person walking with a dog or a kid.

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High-end chains will take a LOT more time to cut, as well as make a lot of noise. If someone already tried stealing your bike and failed, they WILL be back for it. Get that bike someplace safe. Note 2 In case you cover your bike with a tarp, get another cheaper lock with an alarm and use that to tie up the tarp around the bike.

If this is not an option, opt for sliding it through the rear wheel and placing the disk lock on the front one.

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The most they would dare spend is a couple of minutes. I was that worked up. The order of events being carried out during a job are the following: Your bike will be scouted numerous time, and you better be sure that by now the thieves know your daily routine. Anywho, I spent the next few days researching security measures, and common practices of thieves. What does this mean? The charges get worse if the residents are at home, even worse if a child is present in the home, and worst if any of the tools they carry can be classified as weapons.

You first need to understand how the minds of thieves work. The ignition is set up to be ready for start Safety equipment removed disk lock, chain Steering lock is snapped Ignition is plugged, bike is started The bike is taken out of sight and checked for GPS devices Sometimes, the bike might be left someplace else in the neighbourhood; covered and locked up.

In case your bike goes missing, make sure you scout the area for any covered bikes. This is especially relevant in the US. If none are an option, see 7. If someone spots them while scouting, they can say the dog or kid tipped the alarm off. Chain bikes telecharger roulette russe 7 sadek to another when travelling.

Note 1 In case you have LoJack or anything similar installed, make sure you keep the wiring and boxes out of the obvious places. Bernie Sanders revealed a secret Wednesday night.

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MFW I heard what happened the next morning: Therefore, a combination of security systems that look tedious to break will be the best solution. See 5 for instructions.

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The average time thieves would spend on stealing a bike is 30 sec. Be wary of second-hand dealers and bike-mover companies.

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So how is it done?