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When I built the first slot games at Multimedia Games inwe had to code all our tools from scratch. Since starting my consulting business I also utilize Slot Designer to help my clients and provide them with detailed statistical reports and playable prototypes, all prior to starting production. Statistical analysis of our games have helped to improve our game play and player retention patterns.

A negative expectation game is one in which you stand to lose more than the odds of winning suggest. And tweak slot machine you have hopes of becoming a highly-paid consultant when you finish doing your time, well…ask Tommy Glenn Carmichael if the time he spent behind bars was worth gaining a career as a consultant.

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The former sounds like something you might find in a Star Wars movie, while the latter obviously brings up literary connotations. Slot Designer software has allowed my company to create games at a rapid pace, increasing efficiency and saving us considerable amounts of both money and time. In depth reporting is a critical part of designing games, and Slot Designer offers lavish reporting options which make using spreadsheets for game design tweak slot machine tired and anachronistic.

Having a quality professional tool to use saved me a lot of time and improved our product quality. It has become a vital asset as it has allowed us to review and make quick changes to the direction of some of my games well before they would have caused extensive rework by other departments.

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The play mode together with the great overview of key parameters makes tweaking very easy. The advantage it offered was clear from the very first time we used it.

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With this software we are able to create math models, build playable games and fine tune the overall game without needing any programming resources. A slot machine is a negative expectation game. Slot Designer allows me to quickly and easily design games, and optimise their performance.

Now, there is much less need to program our own tool for some new features to get outcome distributions and to invent how to calculate return for these features in Excel. All in all a highly recommended tool.

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What does that mean? Even more impressive is the support we received from the Game Design Automation. It not only increases efficiency in game production, but also helps in development of new and unique ideas. We can now model our new ideas programmatically which makes the game flow much easier and fun!

All in all Slot Designer has proved a very useful tool by saving us lots of time on expectation tests with its instant evaluations, and opening up a new way of interpreting and appreciating games. The publish function allows me to quickly communicate a playable version of the game to anyone in my organisation.

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Being able to rapidly playtest models, I can compare the feel of the game with its visual and mathematical characteristics — This has resulted in a substantial reduction in the amount of time and cost spent tweaking models further along in the development process. Slot machines are entirely random.

In addition, it allows me to feel, see and mould the games during the earliest stages of development. Being able to tweak and refine a game profile on the fly not only allows me to bypass much of the lengthy trial and error process that often occurs towards the end of development, but also alleviates the uncertainty associated with new and more adventurous or risky design concepts.

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Slot Designer has assumed a critical role that would have previously been filled with additional staff, effectively saving my company substantial money. The odds of winning are 1 to 1, and the payout is also 1 to 1. The support we received from Tweak slot machine was outstanding and we tweak slot machine him very much for this.

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Support has been outstanding. They claim to have all kinds of inside information about how slot machines work, and they sell this information for ungodly amounts of money. I also had to tweak some spreadsheet-based designs from earlier products.

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I could not imagine developing another slot machine without Slot Designer. I can decide which machine to play, if any, and I can decide how much to gamble.


As the designer of some of the most successful games in Australia, Asia Pacific, and North America over the last 15 years, game performance is of the utmost importance. Ever since we use Slot Designer, we can easily work with 3rd Party Game modeling companies to add the final spark to the game, by adding the professional experience of game play.