What is Blackjack Switch?

What is blackjack switch, the cost of...

But a solution would be available, if only it were legal: The switch decision[ edit ] The correct decision regarding whether to switch is sometimes obvious, particularly when there is the largest difference in advantage.

Blackjack Switch Strategy The basics of Blackjack switch are fairly simple. It is a variant of the ever popular blackjack but affords the player the opportunity to play two hands rather than the standard one. For example, if the player is dealt andthen the player may switch to transform the two hands into and It's just a situation that a player needs to become accustomed to and adept at to win. Out of respect for copyright, I won't say more than that about how it works.

Only the second or top card can be exchanged. Blackjack Switch Rules In this game, the cards are dealt facing up from six decks. Blackjack switch is a variant of blackjack which in recent years has become very popular online.

Blackjack Switch Explained

Bear in mind, these percentages are only for online blackjack switch as the versions played in brick and mortar facilities usually operate at. After a player has made a decision whether or not to switch, the dealer what is blackjack switch him the chance to hit, stand or doublefirstly for the hand on the player's right-hand box, then for the one on the left.

One of the biggest advantages of blackjack switch over blackjack is the amount of ways you can win. For the alternative, is worth 1 and the soft 15 is worth 1, also for a total of 2. Also, a dealer sum of 22 is a mandatory push on any hand.

A semicircular card table with a similar layout to blackjack is used. After this all important decision has been made, the game's strategy is akin to the same as classic blackjack with a slight increase on hitting and small decrease on doubling.


Arnold Snyder presents a protocol for switching decisions based on four categories of hand, "winner", "push", "loser" and "chance" [3] which he claims reduces the house edge to 0. That means players get two chances to beat the dealer, but because of the 22 rule, it often ends up in a tie. According to the table, the 12 is worth 0 points and the soft 19 is worth 1, for a total of 1.

When all players have been consulted, the dealer plays out his hand according to blackjack-style drawing rules, with the difference that a dealer hand of 22 is not a bust but a push a tie against any surviving player hand; the only exception is a player blackjack which has not been obtained by switching or splitting.

Rewards are given for pairstwo pairsthree of a kind trips or four of a kindthe latter of which pays out at a whopping In the initial deal, the dealer puts one card face up on each box of each playing position starting from his left, deals a face-up card to himself, and then a further card to each box left to right.

Near-optimal schemes which can be learnt have been developed by several authors: The player is then dealt two standard blackjack hands face up. Also, the player can alter the top two cards while the cards are being dealt for each hand.

The cost of mistakes in the advanced strategy, compared to optimal strategy, is 0. It results in an error once every Initially debuting in brick and mortar establishments, blackjack switch was produced by Hall, a former card counter, after he became very irritated with receiving two hands that were weak while playing the game.

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Play[ edit ] Blackjack Switch is played with four, six or eight card decks which are shuffled together. At the start of play, players are dealt two hands which they have to bet on.

Blackjack Switch Rules

However, if you make a mistake while switching, games will typically give you the option to freely switch back and forth as much as you want until you are satisfied with your decision. However, borderline and counter-intuitive cases are relatively common, and switching strategy is hard to casino bonus free slots. Blackjack Switch Share this: Blackjack Switch Explained Regular blackjack players will instantly see that blackjack switch is more complex than regular blackjack.

There are plenty of times, however, when performing a switch will result in an obvious advantage. When a player is skilled at the game, the house advantage or blackjack switch odds are.

There are some hands were switching is obviously the best thing to do, but in others, it can be deceiving or downright difficult to decide.

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It was changed in to employ the 'Push on 22" regulation, which launched its appearance in Las Vegas that same year. On all other occasions, the dealer's sum of 22 will push every hand even if it is What is Blackjack Switch? Also, a dealer's blackjack will push a player's blackjack.

Even though the bets must be identical at the start, each hand is completely independent. In the case of a tie, use the the simple strategy.

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What sets blackjack switch apart, however, is two hands can be played at the same time, and a player can exchange the second cards they receive for each hand. Side Bet There is also a Super Match side bet based on the player's initial four cards. The switching is the only way it alters from the original game.

House Edge Under the standard Las Vegas rules, with six decks, the dealer hits a soft 17, and a switched blackjack counts as 21 points, the house edge is 0. To use it, add up the points for each hand for both ways to play them, and play the one with the greater number of points.

This payout differs vastly from regular blackjack which usually will pay out at 3: Exchanging cards is what is blackjack switch on if the two hands are better than the card the dealer has up.

How to Play

Today you can find blackjack switch online and in casinos all over the globe. Strategy[ edit ] The strategy of Blackjack Switch covers both the switch decision and the subsequent decisions of whether to stand, double, or draw a further card which are familiar from blackjack strategy.

They then get the option of changing things up by switching two cards. First, the player will only win even money on all wins, including natural blackjacks. Another difference between regular blackjack and blackjack switch is the way players bet and how they are paid.

Switch Hands Blackjack!

Both hands is the key and not just one. What is Blackjack Switch? The differences originate from the push-on-dealer rule.

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After deciding on the switch, the player will then play out the two hands as normal. According to Cindy Liu, the Sndyer strategy results in a cost of errors of about 0.

Once he developed his concept, Hall introduced his new game at Las Vegas' G2E meeting inand an Iowa casino implemented the game roughly six months later. That is when if a player doubles or splits versus the dealer's ten or ace, all their bets will be wiped out if the dealer hits blackjack.

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Which pair of hands is better? The following table shows the paytable, probability, and return of each hand: So the odds favor switching to and soft Let's look at an example.

What is blackjack switch