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Every episode, he gets into some complicated affair young black jack 8 vostfr his medical skills plays some important role.

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In fact, he charges a fee and a heavy one for his skills. Others are less impressive although there are a few that stands out from time to time.

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Having a very small of series related to the medical field, the show is essentially a rare breed. What I do find slightly impressive is the eerie OST they use for scenarios involving medical operations. The reality of war can easily be recognizable with the death of soldiers and crude injuries.

So in a way, Hazama is more of a mercenary hired to sell his abilities.

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Activities such as student protests and worker strikes portrayed in anime brings realism into the story with their roles. Characters with wealth and others who think they can get away with anything because of their social status are branded as an anti-thesis of the main characters.

Otherwise, the soundtrack is mostly mediocre besides the manly choreography of the OP song.

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It can send a thrill down your spine as viewers will have to anticipate if an operation will be a success or failure. The tasks he undertakes defines his skills especially during crude operations. In fact, I came into this series as a newbie with little experience about the character or its story.

His medical and surgical skills are invaluable as we see his capability of saving lives.

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What this brings into the series is a look at the historical drama that is surprisingly realistic. Out of any character in the show, he is the most recognizable with his bishounen design and body that seems to have underwent through experimentation. One really interesting concept that is explored in the show is the political and activist affairs.

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The overall adaptation of the artwork is suitable for a series taking place in the s. For starters, it feels very much the same almost each episode that occasionally shifts between melancholic and thrilling.

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A lesser noticeable feature about the show is the soundtrack. We got workers going on strikes or demanding a better wage for their work. And thankfully, Young Black Jack gives a bit of such concept each episode. Hazama is the central character.

It also invites attention to anyone who wants to see how the medical field is like.

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What I got in the end though is more than what was expected. We see what Hazama and his crew has to endure as they young black jack 8 vostfr involved with local militia forces. And finally, be aware of man service that is very noticeable, perhaps even far-fetched.

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Despite this, there are times when he risks his life to save others; most noticeably during his time at the heart of the Vietnam War. While most of the main supporting characters have some medical expertise, some others play important roles that determines the fate of life and death.

The idea of transplanting organs and operating on half-dead victims is an engrossing concept that can be fascinating.

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Such an example is Vietnam, where the war conflict becomes heated in the rough terrains of the jungle. Furthermore, the show approaches itself with antagonists that are mostly driven by corruption or self-greed. Based on the manga of the same name, the series takes place in where the story also focuses on Hazama, a medical student with some unique and fascinating skills.

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