Samuel Clarkson (USA) vs Dmitry Bivol (Russia) — video

Who is Samuel Clarkson?

Samuel Clarkson was a boxer who fought in the heavyweight division. He was known for his aggressive style of boxing and his ability to take a punch.

Clarkson had an aggressive style of boxing, which often led him to get hit more often than other boxers. His ability to take a punch, however, helped him win fights by taking advantage of opponents who were less resilient.

Who is Dmitry Bivol?

Dmitry Bivol is a professional boxer from Russia. He is the current WBA Light Heavyweight Champion and IBF Light Heavyweight Champion. In this article, we are going to look at his strengths as a boxer and what makes him so successful in the ring.

Some of Dmitry Bivol’s strengths include his excellent footwork, quick reflexes, and strong jab. His footwork allows him to move around the ring quickly and easily while his quick reflexes allow him to react quickly to attacks from his opponents. His strong jab helps set up other punches which makes him difficult for opponents to fight against.

Bivol’s weaknesses as a boxer are that he doesn’t have a good defense, and he doesn’t use his jab enough.